Photoshop and Stuff

Happy Saturday!

I would love for everyone to watch this video. It’s only like a minute. Promise.

If you don’t want to, I’ll give you the Sparknotes: Photoshop is freaking amazing.

Really, it is.  It’s an awesome tool for photographers and artists to make their art perfect.

But let’s be serious.

We’re not perfect.


This girl right here ^^ sick body.  Probably a little photoshopped.


Here’s Me:

  •  Dang, I want to work out
  •  I wish I had her abs.
  •  And legs.
  •  And arms.

Okay, stop right there! First of all, those probably aren’t exactly what her arms and legs and abs look like. Yours could probably look like that after a quick trip to the editing lab. But second, Why the heck do you want to be someone else? It’s really nice to have someone to look at for inspiration (even if they’re photoshopped) And if a picture like this with some super motivational words of encouragement gives you my first feeling: “dang, I want to work out” then you go for it! BUT, if it also makes you want to cut off this girl’s extremities and hot glue them to your body then something has gone array.

It’s so hard to remember that most of the pictures that you’ll see in magazines, television, movies, and even Instagram have been altered but be conscious of it! You shouldn’t have to strive for this unrealistic idea of a person… Especially if they’re 6’1 and have different hair color, eyes, skin, etc. that you don’t have.  That’s crazy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I find these pictures with quotes inspirational and they certainly help motivate me to work out or eat right.  {Especially on one of those days when I seriously consider having chocolate chips for breakfast.} But sometimes you have to remember to be you.  To be proud to be you.

With all this being said, I did something to help myself (and maybe you) and made those little quotey things with pictures of myself.  I know it’s super corny but I figured why not.  I found pictures where I motivate myself, pictures that were realistic but also motivational. (I used a website called Pinwords). Would you do this for a picture you liked of yourself?  Could you motivate you?




THIS VIDEO goes into a little more detail about the effects of photoshop in media. Very interesting.  Just watch it if you’re in that kind of a mood. If not, thanks for reading and stuff anyway.

Let me know what you think. About everything.

Thanks for reading!



Gettin’ Nagged Ain’t So Bad (and I’m running a half marathon!)

Didn’t you hate it when you were little and your mom was always telling you to make your bed or clean your room or put your dish in the sink? (In my case it’s a daily occurrence–but irrelevant)  I hate being nagged to do some negligible chore that I will get done eventually, just not now, during (insert name of easily pause-able Netflix show here__________).

BUT don’t you also remember the weight off your shoulders when you actually did what your mom told you to do? Okay, maybe it was because she shut up, but it also felt good to accomplish a little thing.

Why am I rambling about all this? So I have this friend… who is obsessed, and when I say obsessed, it’s an understatement, with running Disney races.  She’s done like 10 of them and in fact, I don’t think she’s ever run a race that isn’t in Disney World.  So she has been trying to get me to run a race with her for a while, and I’ve always been too busy sitting on the couch watching Netflix (not really, but do you get the analogy now?!?!) to actually do it.  This time though, she was persistent.  Like real persistent.  Like text/ email/ Facebook post/ Tweet every 15 minutes persistent.

I was so hesitant, because unlike making a bed that would get unmade in 10 hours, I would have to commit to it.  I would have to train for it, psych myself out for it, arrange my schedule around it, etc.  UGH.  But wait.

Who am I? Am I just doing things because they’re  easy and if they aren’t convenient for me I don’t do them? I don’t want to be that person.  That’s normalI’m trying to live above mediocrity!!!

Her constant Texts and tweets paid off. I thank her for her nagging.  BECAUSE I AM GOING TO BE RUNNINGMY FIRST HALF MARATHON!

What a build up, right? Anyway, I will officially be running my FIRST half marathon IN Disney World: The Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon on November 8, 2014 at 10pm.  Woo! This is Bucket List Item #1, So obviously this is a HUGE GOAL for me, and I’ve been able to get up the courage to actually commit to it. Which I’m proud of.  It even feels better than cleaning my room!

{Almost done I promise}

I realized how crazy it is that I WANTED something so bad but wasn’t willing to break my routine and go out of my way to actually do it.  Thankfully, I had someone nagging me to make me do something that I wanted really to do.  Weird. Moral of the story is sometimes you need that nagger.  Sometimes you need to be your own nagger. Break your routine. I promise it feels so freakin’ good 🙂


3. Bench Press 135 Pounds- CHECKED OFF THE BUCKET LIST!

BOOM! It’s finally been done, one of the items on my bucket list has been checked off! Now I’m not gonna lie, I have been working on this one for a while and I got a spotter to help me out, but nonetheless, it felt awesome to be able to do this.  Another thing I’m not gonna lie about– it really wasn’t that hard.  Well, maybe it was while the bar was right over my chest, BUT, I was able do a fuller chest workout afterward so I was a happy gal.

Here’s a low-quality instagram- artsy photo to go along with the accomplishment 😉

ImageBeing able to check something off the bucket list gives me a rejuvenated desire to achieve MORE! It’s a great feeling 🙂

ImageMake something possible today! 🙂


Working on it

Everything is a work in progress. I’ve been wanting to bench press 135lbs for a while now but I’ll go through high rep phases and cardio phases that can begin to sacrifice my strength.  Before I decide to start training for a half marathon, I’ve decided that checking off item #3- Bench Press 135lbs should be accomplished so no strength that I’ve gained thus far will be lost.

Today’s bench press series was…

15 repsx45lbs, 12x65lbs, 10×85, 8×95, 5×105, 40x45lbs 

I think if I had a spotter I could have pushed a little more without feeling scared of dropping the bar on my face. I finished the workout with a couple more chest exercises to ensure soreness tomorrow 🙂  I decided I am going to post my chest workouts here so I can keep track of my weights a little better (and keep myself accountable!)  If you want to know the rest of my chest/tri workout, just let me know and I’ll post it next time!

Here’s my all time favorite picture– I have this poster in my room.  Go Marilyn!


Any training tips? I know I’m a trainer, but if you got em, share!

Okay so I’m pathetic…

I had this extraordinary idea of starting a blog that forced myself to live outside my own comfort zones and slightly deviating social norms.  Ultimately, this idea has backfired.  While starting a blog may be a social norm in 2014, (and not using one would be somewhat of a deviation) not finishing what I started seems to be a common theme in our society of which I have pathetically surrendered.  That being said, while I wasn’t actually posting nor completely checking anything off, I HAVE, in fact started to begin the process of checking things off– so without blabbering, here we go…

3. Bench press 135.  No, I’m not up there yet, but I’m getting back on my lifting game.  Getting swoll.

5. Live in Cali.  No, I didn’t change my address, but I visited for the first time ever.

San Diego Sunset
San Diego Sunset

19. Go to every Disney Park.  No, I didn’t travel the globe in the past 3 months but I DID make it to Disneyland California.  That’s the original one.  It has to count for something.

My boyfriend and I exploring Disneyland in California
My boyfriend and I exploring Disneyland in California

So there you have it, 3 things have become works in progress toward my bucketlist– quarter checks, if you will.  I promise that I’ll start getting the ball rolling though; I need to re-spark my brain a bit.

Any ideas on what to add to my list?  Any blogging tips to keep me posting regularly? I need your help!

That being said, I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day/ President’s Day weekend!


The Intro.

I’m trying to live above mediocrity.  Trying being the key word.  I’m sitting here with a stuffy nose and a 1-lb bag of supermarket brand organic carrots, so it’s hard to claim that I’m anything other than mediocre.  But none the less, I’m trying.  That’s why I’ve started this blog; to not just pretend that I’m deviating from normalcy, but to actually branch off  a little bit from my comfortable, ordinary life. SO… to keep me accountable for my soon to be extravagant, unordinary life, I have created a “Bucket List.”  This is a compilation of things that I’ve either always wanted to do, goals I have recently created, and a mix of random, cool, and interesting things that I would like to, at one point or another, check off my bucket list.

So I invite you, a future friend, bucket list contributor, or possibly another bucket list starter, to join me in this journey.  I would love to hear any ideas of how I can make my blog more interactive (or just better in general), as well as suggestions for future bucket list to-do’s.  Thank you in advance!


Live the life that you would be jealous of